Privacy Policy

Your personal data (name, nickname, e-mail, mailing address, what you bought etc.) are in no way disclosed to any third party and used to ensure you to make the best of Your data are protected by the systems which are also used to protect our product database.

Data of the credit card used during the purchase are, independent of our website, 128-byte coded and transferred to banks to be inquired. These data are by no means viewed by us since they directly pass through the servers of banks. You can proceed with purchase once the availability of the card is confirmed. It is not possible that these data can be either viewed or seized by third parties because no information about the card is hold or recorded by the website.  

Personal data which you provide when signing up can be deleted upon your request. Such data may no more be used once deleted.

Your personal rights are secured by us with these principles.

You can call our twenty-four-seven support line for all your inquiries. 

0850 333 96 96

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