Human Resources

Tatil Vista is a tour operator combining teamwork with boundless service and creating a high-level customer satisfaction with the warm of a big family through its quality organizations and devoted staff. Extending the family of Tatil Vista each passing day and making it standing and strong are adopted as the first priority objective of our human resources policies.    

The sense of corporate culture of Tatil Vista is formed by the beliefs and values put forward by all its employees and every member of our staff owns this culture.

Training programs are designed taking competition conditions in the industry in which we operate, socio-economic developments and the personal development of each employee.

The objective is to adapt the evolution of the industry developing the behaviours and skills by training.

Job Opportunities

Tatil Vista offers career opportunities in its headquarters and branch offices.

You can send your resume to Human Resources Department by e-mail (to ) if you intend to work for Tatil Vista,

Career Development

Tatil Vista assists the development of the knowledge, skills and behaviours of its employees, the determination and meeting of their training needs, the evaluation of their track records and their continuous improvement.    

Our aim is to promote the personal and career development of its employees to create the human resource which will bring Tatil Vista to future.

Training and Development  

Orientation Training

The newly-recruited employees are subject to orientation training. This makes them get familiar with the corporate culture of the company and work flows.  

Internal Training Programs

Tatil Vista provides training and assistance to its employees thanks to its experience.

Outsourced Training Programs

Some of training services are outsourced from the industry leading training providers in line with the development needs of the employees. 

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